• Compilation, organization and data cleaning.
  • Analysis of large amounts of data. Data exploration. Pattern recognition. Advanced statistical techniques. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced time series analysis.
  • Real time monitoring and prediction.
  • Custom software. We customize Aleph (see Software) for off line analysis and on line monitoring. 

Data Analysis

  • Collection of historical information. Identification of formats and data sources. Identification and classification of variables: numerical, nominal, sampling frequencies. Format, units and accuracy. Reports review. Contact with specialized staff.
  • Data Mining in ascending complexity.
    • Data visualization.
    • Univariate statistical study
    • Data quality analysis. Cleaning data for analysis. Missing information replacement.
    • Resampling data analysis (increase or decrease sampling frequency).
    • Filters analysis.
    • Identification of time segments with expected and anomalous behavior:
      • Autocorrelation and cross correlation of time series. Distance measures between time series.
      • “Fingerprints” algorithms
      • Neural Networks
    • Multivariate analysis:
      • Multivariate visualization
      • Detection of correlation between variables
      • Principal Component Analysis
      • Grouping techniques
    • Classification:
      • Grouping
      • Neural Networks


  • The workflow developed in the analysis phase is optimized to be suitable for real time monitoring, evaluating different strategies for data storage and computational requirements.
  • Monitoring is performed using Aleph in its real-time monitoring version. This version of Aleph combines different algorithms running at once on their own “real time”, showing results by different real-time plots and gauges that perfectly describe the operation being monitored. Aleph handles the OPC standard.
  • Aleph allows setting alarms policy sending SMS or emails to authorized recipients. It is available via web. Mobile version under development.